The Regional Shellfish Seed Biosecurity Program (RSSBP) is coordinated under the central authority of the Shellfish Health Advisory Council, which is comprised of molluscan scientists/pathologists, State regulators, extension personnel and industry members.  The Council serves to support state regulators by providing science-based advice on shellfish transfers as well as overseeing the hatchery certification/compliance process and best management practices.

Name Affiliation State Area
Debbie Bouchard University Maine ME Pathology
Ryan Carnegie Virginia Institute Marine Science VA Pathology
Dave Bushek Rutgers University NJ Pathology
Marcy Nelson

Kennebec River Biosciences

ME Pathology
Karen Hudson Virginia Institute Marine Science VA Extension
Tal Ben-Horin North Carolina State NC Extension
Denise Kinsey Louisiana Department Fish and Wildlife LA Regulatory
Rebecca Thur MD Department Natural Resources MD Regulatory
Bob Rheault East Coast Shellfish Growers RI Industry
Mike Congrove Oyster Seed Holdings VA Industry
Julie Davis Lady’s Island Oysters SC Industry
Lisa Calvo Sweet Amalia Oysters NJ Industry
Lori Gustafson   USDA APHIS VS n/a Federal

Project Team

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