Hatchery Certification / Compliance

The purpose of the Hatchery Biosecurity Certification / Compliance is to streamline the process for permitting interstate commerce of biosecure hatchery shellfish seed.

The program is voluntary and does not guarantee that all states or hatcheries will participate in the program. Hatcheries compliant with the RSSBP will be able to ship product into participating states via a streamlined permitting process, which obviates the need for shipment-by-shipment health evaluations. 

Certification / Compliance is based on:

  1. The hatchery’s compliance with the RSSBP Best Management Practices for Minimizing Disease Risks
  2. The hatchery’s demonstration of minimal disease risks based on previous health evaluations of the hatchery’s seed— “disease free” status of samples collected twice per production season in each of previous three years

To participate in the voluntary hatchery certification program, hatcheries must:

  1. Submit a RSSBP Application,
  2. Provide documentation of appropriate health evaluation results
  3. Undergo an in-person hatchery audit to verification hatchery compliance with RSSBP Hatchery BMPs

Compliance Levels

The program offers two compliance levels. This determination will be based on hatchery interest and risk evaluation based on history of pathogens of concern (POC) detections and hatchery practices.

  1. Level 1 — For regional transfers between areas of like pathogen status
  2. Level 2 — For East Coast-wide transfers

Eligibility is based on past history of health evaluations and standards for minimizing disease risks with Level 2 (East Coast-wide) transfers requiring more robust criteria


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